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That's me on the right When I first started dancing, I was simply a social dancer who enjoyed taking lessons. 
When I was offered the opportunity to teach dance, I taught lessons in a variety of venues. 
When you join the dancing world, there is no regulation of the talent. Anyone can put out a shingle and sell their wares.  In that regard, everyone cares about what you win and where you perform.

I prefer to rely on my good reputation, solid teaching fundamentals, and musicality.

However, if you are into that sort of thing that everyone cares about, I have included my resume below.  It contains the details of me "climbing the ladder" before I had enough student and peer references that I no longer felt the pressure to perform to these societal gauges. My background in education and training are what make me a great instructor, but I am fortunate to also have a strong dose of musicality and just a few dancing skillz. :D


Group Classes / Private Instruction / Party Entertainment / Consultant

Rachelle Schiffli/Wieczorek is a dance instructor, competitor, trainer, and performer. She has performed at the Kennedy Center, Union Station, the Residence of the Dominican Republic Ambassador, Knock on Wood Tap Studio, and in Hamburg Germany. She taught Latin and Swing at the Shark Club in Bethesda and the Yacht Club of Bethesda for over two years. Rachelle began dancing in 1994 as a country line dancer, and now teaches salsa aerobics, line dancing, freestyle, etiquette, and all styles of partner dance to adults and children.

� East Coast Swing, West Coast Swing, Jitterbug, Hustle
� Country Two Step, Waltz, Cha Cha, line dance, El Paso, Schottische, country couples, Nightclub Two Step
� Club Salsa, Merengue, Cha Cha
� Party line dances
� American Style Smooth Ballroom Waltz, Fox Trot, Tango, Viennese Waltz
� American Style Rhythm Ballroom Rumba, Cha Cha, Swing, Samba, Merengue, ECS, WCS, Bolero, Mambo
� Wedding Foxxy, Waltz, Rumba, Fox Trot, and Nightlub Two Step

� Nashville Swing Classic, 2004
� Halloween in Harrisburg/Swing Zing, 2004
� Georgetown Senior Center, 2004
� Swing Fling, 2004
� U.S. Postal Service Health Fair, 2004
� Marymount University Freshman Orientation, 2004
� Georgetown University Summer Program, 2004
� Baltimore Bash, 2004
� University Park Cotillion, 2003-2004
� Capital Cotillion, 2003-2004
� Ballroom Dance Company, Instructor, Trainer & Managing Director 2000 - 2004
� Washington Dance Challenge, 2003-2004
� Big Apple Dance Championships, 2003
� Assistant Instructor, Barry Durand, Fort Wayne Dance Team Showdown, 2003
� Independent Dance Instructor, 2002-present
� Joy of Motion Dance Centers, 2000-2003
� Assistant Instructor, Ray Bugnosen, Ballroom Dance Company, 2000
� Science Fair mentor and judge for K-12, 1993-2003
� Partners in Education Youth Mentor, 2000
� FutureKids, preschool computer instruction, 1997

� DVIDA Professional Instructor Training Workshop, Las Vegas, NV, 2004
� ACE Group Fitness Instructor Training, 2004
� Barry Durand, line dance, couples, and choreography training, 2003-2004
� DVIDA Teacher Certification Training Workshop, Las Vegas, NV, 2002
� DVIDA Full Bronze Smooth, San Francisco, CA, 2002
� DVIDA Junior Associate Instructor Certification, High Honors, 2002
� Lou Giacchino, American and International Style coach, 2001-2002
� Ballroom Dance Company, on-the-job training, 2001-2003
� Dance Vision Dance Camp, 2001
� Ballroom Dance Company, Cooperative Training Program, 2000
� Education and Training Certification, Dept of Defense, 1999-2000
� Human Communication and the Psychology of Learning, Rochester, NY 1995 � 1997
� Group classes, private coaching, weekly practice, and weekend workshops in all styles of partner dancing, line dancing,
and choreography, 1994 - present

� Baltimore Bash, Female Crystal Intermediate Line Dance, First Place, 2004
� Baltimore Bash, Intermediate/Advanced Non-Country Choreography, First Place, 2004
� JG2 Line Dance Marathon, Intermediate/Advanced Non-Country Choreography, First Place, 2004
� Baltimore Bash, Female Open Intermediate Line Dance, First Place, 2003
� City of Light Dance Competition, Paris France, 2003
� Washington Dance Challenge, Female Open Intermediate Line Dance, Second Place, 2003
� Cities in Line, Female Open Intermediate Line Dance, Third Place, Costa Brava Spain, 2003
� Yuletide Ball, Washington DC, 2002
� Virginia State Open Swing Dance Championship, Third Place Classic Medium Temp Hustle, 2001
� Virginia State Open Swing Dance Championship, Third Place Classic Fast Temp Hustle, 2001
� Virginia State Open Swing Dance Championship, Third Place Showcase Jitterbug, 2001
� Capital DanceSport Championships, 2001
� Yuletide Ball, Washington DC, 2001
� Cancun Grand Ball Championships, Cancun Mexico, 2000

� First Rehabilitation Resources : Salsa Exhibition with Art in Motion Entertainment : October 2004 : Baltimore, MD
� Hispanic Heritage Gala : Salsa Team and Cha Cha Exhibition (dancer and choreographer) : October 2004 : Silver Spring, MD
� Zanzibar on the Waterfront : Salsa and Cha Cha with Art in Motion Entertainment: March 2004 : Washington, DC
� Residence of the Ambassador to the Dominican Republic : Bachata and Merengue with BDC Promotions : November 2003 : Washington, DC
� Community Performance : West Coast Swing with Barry Durand : June 2003 : Hamburg, Germany
� Kennedy Center : Salsa Rueda with Dance in Time Productions : March 2003 : Washington, DC
� Joe�s Movement Emporium : Salsa Rueda with Dance in Time Productions : January 2003 : Mt. Rainier, MD
� Knock on Wood Studio : East Coast Swing with Swing class students : January 2003 : Silver Spring, MD
� Jubilee Gala : Charleston solo and partner performance with BDC Promotions : 2002 : Washington, DC
� Union Station : Salsa, Cha Cha, and Salsa Rueda with BDC Promotions : 2001 : Washington, DC

� The Ballroom Dance Company is one of the largest dance instructional organizations in the Washington metropolitan
area, specializing in beginners, wedding couples, and student competitors.
� BDC Promotions is a well-known entertainment branch of the Ballroom Dance Company, performing and teaching at
corporate functions, private parties, community gatherings and nightclubs in the Washington metropolitan area.
� Barry Durand is a world-renown and respected instructor, choreographer and performer, holding titles such as multi-time
U.S. Open Swing Dance Champion and Country Western Master�s Division Champion.
� Lou Giacchino is a well-known and respected competitor, coach, and instructor, fully certified in International Standard,
International Latin, American Smooth, and American Rhythm.
� DVIDA, the Dance Vision International Dance Association, provides training and materials to independent dance
institutions and individuals worldwide.