my most recent job opportunities have included writing code as well as Linux system engineering and administration.  Linux and writing code are two of my favorite things. I particularly love writing code in plain old vi and often find lots of :wq and yyp in my files if I use something like Sublime.

I have used a variety of tools to solve problems, to automate, to help users, to make the user experience better, and to help my customers achieve their goals. Tools that I used on my last couple projects include: Jenkins, Linux, Git, Vagrant, Chef, Puppet, Python, Perl, Ruby, Bash, JavaScript, JIRA, Angular JS, Node JS, etc.

Keep Calm and Code On!


my work through the Department of Defense, and subseqently through defense contractors, has revolved around software development, programming, and training.

you can read more about all this on my LinkedIn Profile

because I spent so much time on customer projects dedicated to their needs, I did not take any of that code with me nor did I have time to built a lot of extra things at home. However, I have a few projects that I worked on for various reasons, and you can find them on my public spot on GitHub

to see some of my coding, writing, use of templates, and basic design work, examples include the content at this domain as well as the stem site in the lower-right paperclip.

there is more to tell here, and I will probably add more or blog about it.